Friday, May 1, 2009

St. Augustine Alligator Farm

Here is the latest from the Alligator Farm:

We have our first snowy egret chicks of the year now. They hatched a few days ago and I expect more will be hatching out over the weekend. Here is a breakdown of our latest rookery count:

Great egrets 92 birds, 84 nests, 42 chicks

Wood storks 53 birds, 44 nests, 44 chicks

Snowy egrets 79 birds, 59 nests, 3 chicks

Cattle egrets 26 birds, 23 nests

Tri-colored herons 22 birds, 17 nests

Little blue herons 7 birds, 3 nests

Green herons 3 birds, 2 nests – over Siamese croc, Cuban croc, Alligator lagoon, & AICC pool enclosures.

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