Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ponte Vedra Beach

Red-shouldered hawk
Photo by Mark M.


lolaberly said...

I so look forward to the print! :) My walls here in DC are sadly mostly bare, aside from random prints of my friends and me with Matt that I've grabbed extras of when printing them for him!

By the way -- how did you find your photo printer. I've decided that I want to print a few of my own, but I'm not sure where to take them.

I love the photo of the hawk. There was one that always seemed to hang around our neighborhood in Orlando when I was growing up.

Airborne dad said...

Take a look at the Epson photo models that have 7 to 9 ink portals. Mine is four years old so it's a dinosaur but it still is amazing. It's an Epson photo 2200.

Regrettably, Mike vamoosed before I could get to him but he promises to be back next weekend.

Airborne dad said...

The print looks great.