Saturday, January 17, 2009

St. Lucie County

Walton scrub natural area
Photo by Mike M.


ABNPOPPA said...

You KNOW, I visit your blog about every day and I am getting tired of commenting on how GREAT your pictures are. Could you just post a blurry one or one with red eyes once in a while tom make us normal people feel better.

I see a dead tree in the swamp and then you take a picture of it with some kind of magical mystical power and turn it into something of beauty and grace.

C'mon, give us a bad pictue, please, make me feel better.

HI 'dad,

Have a good week


Mike said...

As always, Thank you! Its always good to get positive feedback!

-Mike M

ABNPOPPA said...

Ok, I see how you are. I ask for a pik to make me feel better and you go and post two more beautiful sunsets of Key West. Ok buddy I got you here, ABNMOMMA and I are going there the first of March. I'll get to see the sunset/sunrise in person. So There! :) smiling here